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Mary Hilton's Guide to Art, Business and News

The following links are of the pages I've used, in all three catagories. I don't accept personal homepage URL submissions-only the pages that I find useful and interesting. If you wish to submit your link for this page, please be aware of the standards I use:
  • It must be directly related to art, business, or news.
  • I do not accept any pages dealing with sex, pyramid schemes or solicitation.
  • The link must be valid, and current. I will check this list from time to time for outdated links.

    Portland Maine's Newspaper
    Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
    Rusty Wiltjer's beautiful pottery-made in Maine!
    The Drudge Report
    ABC Natural Jewelry
    Looking for that special piece of art? ArtSearch
    All the information you need about any business on the Internet
    Lots of other jewelry can be found here-Jewelry Mall
    Looking for a good reproduction of that Van Gogh? Art Reproductions by Isabel
    I and a lot of other artists register here-FindArts
    WWWomen Search Directory!
    Newsweek Magazine
    World Wide Arts Resources-The comprehensive arts registry on the WWW.
    The Internet Craft Fair - Your Complete Craft & Gift Guide
    The One and Only!-The New York Times On The Web
    Where I learned all I know about beading-Emily Hackbarth's Pages at the Mining Company!
    The Web Museum of famous paintings..All the old and new Masters!
    Salon Table Talk-Discussion Boards!
    Time Magazine On-line
    Deja News-No spam Newsgroups!
    Ted Goff's "Mostly Business" Comics..Very Funny!
    My Jewelry On-line..check this out!
    CNN Interactive-all the news now
    Jewelry Crafts Magazine!
    USA Today's Hot Links-Fun!
    PEOPLE Magazine-All the gossip!
    The London Times Sunday Paper
    Wistle: The World's Largest? Craft and Gift Directory

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